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Z Networks Main Headquarters is Located in Marysville, WA.

Z Networks Main Headquarters is Located in Marysville, WA.

A Z Networks Partner

A Z Networks Partner

Tier 1 IT Services

Our Tier 1 Solution is tailored for companies that need expert level support. Z Networks operates 24/7 Helpdesk and 24/7 Networks Operation Centers.

We offer the following services: front line helpdesk, escalation helpdesk, server management, project management, planning, migration services, security and compliance planning/reporting.

With Z Networks Tier 1 Solution, you are able to manage your services; you can turn on any service you need and turn it off when it is no longer needed. Your internal team will be able to access our complete web based dashboard for project planning, project writing, project management, managing and creating tickets, ticket escalation, scheduling, remote access, and reporting.

We believe in being on the same page as our clients. By using the Z Networks Dashboard, your internal team can see and use the same information viewed by our expert staff. Additionally, if you have other vendors, you can add then to the dashboard and managed them the very same way.

The combination Z Networks Tier 1 Solution and the Z Networks Dashboard is a complete enterprise solution for enhancing your IT environment and user satisfaction.

Clients decide what will be supported in-house and what will be support by Z Networks.

  • You may want all ERP support to be in-house:
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Accounting/Inventory Software
    • Custom Databases / Reporting and Editing
  • And want Z Networks to handle everything else:
    • Connectivity
    • Other Applications
    • Hardware Refresh

Clients set schedules, ticket priorities, and determine who will respond to an issue.

  • You can determine when Z Networks will respond to specific tickets. For example, you may want Z Networks to only handle frontline issues from 8am to 5pm and frontline and escalated issues after 5pm.
  • Or, you may choose to have Z Networks only handle issues during off hours while your staff takes care of everything else during business hours.

Z Networks has several options and a proven track record with mixed support environments. Give us a call, tell us about your environment, and we'll start talking solutions.

IT Directors

Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may need an IT Director. Usually when a business has 80 employees or more, they need someone to oversee their IT needs. As questions about IT develop and make their way to the board room, an expert will be needed to address them and explain the long-term influence of IT on the company. We can participate in these discussions, but at some point you will want an IT director who invests themselves solely in your company, product and infrastructure. IT directors must be focused on planning for the future. You need someone who takes pride in your company's accomplishments and creates technology plans that compliment your company’s integrity.

In most case, successfully focusing these responsibilities doesn’t leave enough time to manage all the IT support. This is where Z Networks steps in.

IT Directors we work with usually use the following services:

  • Helpdesk services for frontline and escalated helpdesk items
  • Server administration
  • Planning and strategy

Augmenting your environment with the wide array of services Z Network provides improves your company’s IT delivery and end-user satisfaction results.

Hybrid IT Solution

Some items need to be resolved in house, while others need to be escalated or vice-versa. We see many companies with compliance needs keep certain application support in house, but outsource network, connectivity and the complexity of routing to Z Networks. We also see network experts needing assistance with frontline activity. If your company falls into any of these categories, our entire arrays of services are designed to provide a redundancy and create the highest uptime environment.

A hybrid scenario may look like:

  • All helpdesk items related to a proprietary piece of software are dedicated to a company employee. Where all other issues are handled by Z Networks. (This may also be a requirement for some compliance driven companies.)
  • If a server administrator has servers under control, but is distracted from the server maintenance by too many user requests, Z Networks will handle all user requests while escalating all direct server issues to the server administrator on the premise.