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6 Servers + 20 Years of data + Crypto Virus = EVERYTHING gone

Z Networks Karbon RESTORED operations in 15 minutes

Z Networks Karbon is software that automatically backs up images of servers, sends data to local drives, the cloud, or both, simultaneously and can restore data to any device within minutes.

Fast and flexible recovery starts with a solid backup, Z Networks Karbon backup quickly and efficiently captures your entire system-including the operating system (OS), applications, settings, services, and your data-at the sector level offering security and peace of mind during hardware failures or major data corruptions as an image of the server can be restored from prior to outage bringing operations up and running with minimal downtime

With Karbon Backup, you have the widest range of options to recover your systems ensuring minimal business downtime

Karbon starts before the disaster with fast, flexible, and reliable backup
  • Time image-based backup of everything, including operations systems, applications, settings, and data
  • Schedule full, incremental, continuous incremental, and differential backups to meet recovery point objectives
  • Backup virtual and physical machines, servers, desktops, and laptops

Then take control of your entire backup environment and know what's happening all the time
  • Monitor and manage your backup environment from a central console
  • Control storage space and consolidate backups
  • Check the status and verify backup image integrity

Plus, you need a complete copy of your systems and data in a different location so you know you can recover, no matter the disaster
  • Know your data is safe with secure data transfer
  • Throttle transfer speeds are your organizations schedule
  • Choose options to suit your needs, whether you're replicate to a public, private, or hybrid could, or to portable media.
Round out your business continuity plan by easily testing your recovery regularly
  • Visualize backups so you know they'll work when you need them
  • Pre-stage backups to periodically test their integrity
  • Schedule disaster recovery testing onsite and offsite

Sleep peacefully knowing you can recover every item, everywhere
  • Recover to the same hardware, new hardware, or to a virtual environment
  • Perform file and folder recovery in seconds
  • Visualize a system onsite or offsite in minutes

It's not too late. Yet.
Take Charge of Your Backups: Onsite, Offsite, and in the Cloud
Karbon Cloud
Z Networks Karbon Cloud Offsite storage is available for added security with encrypted backup images to the cloud offering server restoration in case of local catastrophe such as fire or theft. In case of complete loss of data and applications your information is located in a secure environment ready for restoration to ensure fast recovery time for your business.
  • Push Karbon backup images to Z Networks data facility
  • Images can be quickly deployed to new virtual or physical environments
Z Networks has multiple Backup Server Disaster Recovery options available for installation on site. Pearl is a physical server Z Networks installs at your location that takes periodic snapshots of the company's server to use in the event of failure.