Z Networks Mentoring Internship Program

This Spring Z Networks has the privilege of hosting two interns from the University of Washington Sales Program. I look forward to this every year as I get to relive my final days of college and the first days of my career in sales. Z Networks has partnered with the Sales Program for three years now to provide hands on internships as a part of the University’s Sales Certificate curriculum. This is a competitive program in which students complete 8 courses focused on sales, sales management, and marketing which culminate in an internship at a local business during the Spring Quarter of the student’s senior year. It is a remarkable program with a job placement rate of 93% and unique in that so few universities provide sales specific certificates or degrees. It is also of note that this is the only program within the Foster Business School that is entirely self-funded through corporate sponsorships and events like their career fair. The Seattle area business community should be thankful for this local gem that is now graduating 150+ students each year who go on to become top contributors in sales departments across the region.

This Spring’s interns are Jeff Kwok and Brian Moran, and their resumes are already impressive for having not yet graduated. Jeff is a senior majoring in communications who has interned at Coca-Cola, Optimedia, a property management firm, and he was an administrative assistant at the University during his junior year. Brian is a senior in the Business School that has also completed several internships including ones at Amazon, Marriott, and Westin Hotels. Additionally, Brian is involved with a number of extra-curricular organizations serving on the leadership at his fraternity and with the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. Brian was also selected by the Sales Program to represent the University of Washington at two sales competitions over spring break. We look forward to seeing Jeff and Brian learn and contribute as part time members of Z Networks’ inside sales team and perhaps to join us full time upon graduating.

My history with the sales program extends back to my junior year at the University of Washington. Like many students, I was not sure what career awaited me upon graduation until Jack Rhodes made his pitch to our Marketing Concepts class. Jack Rhodes is the founder of the Sales Program, an accomplished lecturer, and an outstanding sales leader prior to arriving at the University. As he went over the program requirements, I saw that I had unknowingly taken all of the coursework required, and I was already planning on finding an internship for my senior year. The Sales Program placed me with Seattle based Onvia, and I went on to work there for four great years. My subsequent positions at DocuSign and Z Networks were a result of connections made at Onvia, so my entire career is owed to the Sales Program and Jack Rhodes. I am proud to say that I have at least partially repaid that debt in providing internships for the Program at all three of my employers on seven different occasions for ten different students. The statistic I am most proud of is that four of these students went on to become full time employees of ours and all of them went on to land jobs immediately after graduating. I fully intend on continuing this partnership for the remainder of my career and encourage all local business leaders to get to know the Sales Program and how they can support and benefit from it.

- Sean Jones | Sales Manager