Drumfest 2015

Drum Fest is an all ages and skill levels non-profit charitable organization dedicated to bringing all things drumming to those less fortunate as well as to the community as a whole.

Drum Fest was born out of a wild idea in 2012 by drummers Eric Meek and Matt VanMeter while hanging out at the famous Chesterfield open jam. The inital idea was to hold a local drumming competition among drummers. Where they could battle it out for prizes and bragging rights. Eric and Matt set out to create more than just a boring drum solo competition however. They sat down and came up with multiple drumming events that would encompass all facets of drumming and percussion studies. Drummers from the local community as well as surrounding areas came out to compete in more than expected numbers. Needless to say, Drum Fest was a success from day one.

After the dust had cleared from Drum Fest's first major event, they put into motion the concept of becoming a yearly non-profit organization that would promote drumming and produce events throughout the year in addition to their already successful yearly Drum Fest event. Since that time Drum Fest has became an official non-profit organization and has produced multiple Drum Fest events in the area. Drum Fest has also made some very strong partnerships in the community that continue to help Drum Fest grow and succeed at it's mission.