Is your company considering moving some or all of its computing to the cloud? Z Networks can help you determine the feasibility of moving to the cloud, form a unique plan for the transition, and make sure you avoid the common pitfalls which cost money, time, and productivity.

Z Networks supports all cloud applications and desktop solutions.

Cloud Applications and Cloud Desktop:
Line-of-Business Apps, Virtual Machines, PBX...
Cloud Hosting and Cloud Server:
File Sharing, E-mail, Cloud Back-up, Web Hosting...
All Cloud Platform Configurations:
Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud...

The best approach a cloud environment is to determine what core applications your company uses and work with our experts to determine the speed and cost if those applications are moved to the cloud.

Z Networks provides a variety of cloud services and we are always adding more.

Cloud based spam and virus filtering. Known threat and junk email are filtered on our servers before being delivered to your inbox. Click here to read more.

Cloud based backup for files and applications. Backup your entire company and manage how many backs to retain and how long. Click here to read more.

Cloud based file server. Allowing read, write, and edit access using your desktop, android or IOS devices. This is an enterprise solution with file permissions and global sharing. Click here to read more.

Web hosting services with popular applications such as WordPress. Click here to read more.

Email Hosting
Pop3 or hosted exchange email.

Cloud based database server. A dedicated virtual server to host any core software or perform any server duty.